Guide to Mauritius White Water Rafting Holidays

Mauritius really does fit its ‘island paradise’ billing. Lying around 2000 km from the African mainland, in the Indian Ocean, it is a lush, tropical country that draws in thousands from all over the world, every year. Mauritius’ beaches are the big draw for most of them, along with the lively nightlife and luxury resorts. But there is another Mauritius, far beyond the beach, waiting to be explored.

Mauritius Rafting Flick image by  Adamina

Mauritius’ interior is a place of sugar cane fields, mountains, jungles and rivers. It is rich with wildlife, some of it unique to the island. But if you are looking for a Mauritius white water rafting trip, you might find it difficult. There are few sections of Mauritius’ mountain rivers that lend themselves to rafting, although it can be done in places, as can kayaking. The Black River Gorge National Park is the best place to try, with its canyons and waterfalls. If you want to explore more widely, canyoning could be a good alternative to rafting.

There are more rafting opportunities on Reunion Island. French owned Reunion is Mauritus’ nearest neighbour, lying around 200 km away. Reunion’s mountains reach up to 3000m high, and are crossed by white water rivers, especially on the eastern side. The lower stretches of river are popular with rafters, while kayakers tend to stick to the narrower, higher sections. The November to March rainy season is the best time to go, when water levels are at their best.

A Mauritius white water rafting trip is a great way to get off the beach and enjoy the island’s stunning mountain regions. There is much more to Mauritius than beaches…


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